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Liam Hickey

LLLiam Hickey

Entrepreneur and musician Liam Hickey is a Jack-of-all-trades force to be reckoned with in the Music Industry. Since moving to Nashville, TN in 2017 Liam developed his skills in multiple avenues of the Music Industry including performance, music directing, web and brand development, publicity, and music production. Liam is President of Heart Song Music Group along with being the drummer and music director for the ElectraQueens.

Darrick Strauss

LLDarrick Strauss

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, guitarist Darrick Strauss found his love for music by playing in the church. Darrick now currently resides in Nashville working as a freelance musician. Since moving he’s had the opportunity to play country, pop, and gospel music and has been playing with ElectraQueens since early 2022.

Ben Shaw

LLBen Shaw

Nashville native bassist Ben Shaw has been playing in the city since 2015 and being raised in the area he has a true Nashville sound. Ben is a multi-genre bass player and has been with the ElectraQueens since 2021.

Jake Latham

LLJ.D. Redd

J.D. Redd is a multi-instrumentalist based out of Nashville. He has a wide variety of skills and talents including powerful instrumental/vocal performance, expert music production, intelligent arranging/songwriting, and Marketing. Most notably he is the guitarist for the ElectraQueens and an affiliate of Premier Entertainment.

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